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Speciality Fod & Drink Asia 2023

The Water Sommelier Pte Ltd

  • The Water Sommelier Pte Ltd
  • The Water Sommelier Pte Ltd
  • The Water Sommelier Pte Ltd
The Water Sommelier Pte Ltd The Water Sommelier Pte Ltd The Water Sommelier Pte Ltd

1. Vichy Catalan
Vichy Catalan, the leading sparkling water brand in Spain since 1881, is famous throughout Europe for its unique savoury taste and numerous health benefits. With its exceptional rich mineral composition, this water is not only ideal for replenishing electrolytes but has also been scientifically proven to enhance exercise performance, aid digestion, and relieve heartburn/acid reflux symptoms. This gastronomic water can also be perfectly paired with food, particularly Spanish cuisine, to elevate and sustain flavours on the palate.

2. Solan De Cabras
Solán de Cabras is arguably the most famous Spanish mineral water brand widely beloved for its iconic blue bottle and extraordinary health benefits. Originating from a legendary tale of a goat herder who discovered the healing powers of a spring in the Spanish Serranía de Cuenca mountains, this water captivated the Romans so much that the spring was declared a Royal Site by King Carlos III. With each drop taking an astonishing 3,600 years to emerge naturally, Solán de Cabras boasts unparalleled purity and a perfect balance of minerals – a low minerality coupled with low sodium content with an optimal calcium-magnesium ratio, one that is known to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

3. Hildon
Hildon is one of the most prestigious Natural Mineral Water brands in the World. From over 50 years of natural filtration deep beneath the chalk hills of the Hampshire countryside, it is bottled entirely untreated - just as nature intended, for pure, clean flavour, deserving only for the finest of palates. As the only water brand awarded the highly coveted Royal Warrant of Appointment by HM The Queen, Hildon is served only in the finest establishments like Harrods, The Waterside Inn (3 Star Michelin), Fortnum & Mason and The Royal Opera House. Perfectly balanced, its neutrality is recommended by the World's leading wine sommeliers as the perfect fine wine accompaniment for the most demanding tastings.



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