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Speciality Fod & Drink Asia 2023

Van Houten | Delfi Limited

Van Houten | Delfi Limited Stand: F15
  • Van Houten | Delfi Limited
  • Van Houten | Delfi Limited
  • Van Houten | Delfi Limited
Van Houten | Delfi Limited Van Houten | Delfi Limited Van Houten | Delfi Limited

Few chocolate brands in today's market can boast a heritage spanning over 180 years. Since 1828, Sir Coenraad Johannes Van Houten pioneered a cocoa manufacturing process that resulted in the creation of cocoa powder, leading to the delicious chocolates and chocolate drinks we savour today.

Building on this journey of innovation, Van Houten proudly introduces its inaugural line of Vegan chocolate bars, meticulously crafted from wholesome plant-based ingredients. These bars feature 54% cocoa content and contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. We believe that everyone deserves a delightful experience that uplifts both the mind and body. Certified as suitable for Vegans, our vegan chocolate bars are a treat for all chocolate enthusiasts. Van Houten's vegan collection comprises three enticing flavours: Almonds and Berries, Salted Caramel with Pink Himalayan salt, and Coconut Almonds. Embrace the adventure and go Vegan! #OnlytheGoodStuff is just a bar away, waiting to delight your mind, body & soul.

New Product Launch: Van Houten Vegan Chocolate Bar

Product USPs:

  • Vegan certified
  • 54% cocoa content
  • Powered by plants, NO dairy
  • Sustainable packaging made from 100% paper

Available in 3 flavours!


  • OnlytheGoodStuff
  • VanHoutenchocolates
  • VanHoutenVegan


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