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Speciality Fod & Drink Asia 2023

Stylebread Co., Ltd

  • Stylebread Co., Ltd
  • Stylebread Co., Ltd
  • Stylebread Co., Ltd
Stylebread Co., Ltd Stylebread Co., Ltd Stylebread Co., Ltd

1. Dedication to Petit size bread
STYLEBREAD specializes in small portions (petit pain bread).
This size is very easy to eat and is the standard size for high-end breads in top hotels and restaurants.
Petit pain breads, which require a lot of time and effort, are still not widely available in Singapore.
This product will fit customers’ need who want to eat authentic petit pain.
At STYLEBREAD, we are thoroughly committed to our petit pains, and each one is carefully made by hand by our artisans.

2. Dedication to Frozen bread
All STYLEBREAD products are delivered frozen.
By freezing the bread immediately after baking, the high quality of the bread is preserved for a long period of time.
The frozen state of distribution also makes it possible to offer natural bread without additives or preservatives, which are essentially superfluous for bread, in the business food scene.
All you have to do is re-bake the number of pieces you want to use in accordance with the time you want to use them.


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