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Speciality Fod & Drink Asia 2023

SME Connect Australasia Pte Ltd

  • SME Connect Australasia Pte Ltd
  • SME Connect Australasia Pte Ltd
  • SME Connect Australasia Pte Ltd
SME Connect Australasia Pte Ltd SME Connect Australasia Pte Ltd SME Connect Australasia Pte Ltd

1. Mondo Nougat Award Winning Original Favourite Nougat 250 gram Bag

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Great Southern Groves 100% Australian 
Great Southern Groves cold pressed olive oil is categorized as “medium” with regards to the degree of bitterness and its pungency. It has a smooth rich texture, a fruity aroma and an herbaceous grassy flavour with a peppery aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

This Chef approved, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for those home cooks looking to use a quality, Western Australian grown, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Use it in almost every aspect of cooking including pastas, sauces, risottos, salads, desserts or just for dipping.

3. Olives in Brine, 100% Australian, Great Southern Groves
These mixed olives are a seasonal mix of Manzanillo, Kalamata, Leccino & Spanish Queen. They are handpicked and hand sorted which results in a very high quality product, less bruising and are preserved only in brine (no artificial preservatives). Enjoy warmed on their own or as part of your antipasto platter. Head to our Recipe page on this website for a delicious Roast Pepper & Olive Salad.

Hand labelled and individually numbered.

Limited release with only 450 bottles each year.

Great Southern Groves - PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil (often called olio nuovo or novello) is the first picked and pressed fruit of each year's harvest. PRIMA has a sweet fruity aroma with clean grassy and herbal flavours followed by a lingering peppery finish.

Grown in the Great Southern region, this limited release olive oil has an intense freshness and flavour that will make your pallet sing. Each bottle is individually numbered with a limited number of bottles being sold each season.

To enjoy PRIMA Extra Virgin Olive Oil at its best, consume within six weeks of opening*.

Please store in a cool dark place.


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