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Speciality Fod & Drink Asia 2023

Simplymade Pte Ltd

  • Simplymade Pte Ltd
  • Simplymade Pte Ltd
  • Simplymade Pte Ltd
Simplymade Pte Ltd Simplymade Pte Ltd Simplymade Pte Ltd

Noomoo which translates into meaning: A brand that contains no dairy aspires to create worthwhile plant-based dairy alternatives (PBDA) that transcend all dairy categories. Doesn't matter if you are a vegan, a flexitarian, lactose intolerant or just curious. Our PBDA don't discriminate and we want to provide choice for all diet preferences.

Our PBDAS are simplymade to be essential and versatile so that anyone can easily enjoy them in any way they choose and for all occasions and applications.

everything we do stems from out philosophy of "necessary reductionism". From the way we create our products to the way we run our business. We constantly find ways to consume lesser resources so what we save, you save too.

We believe that in doing so, together we can contribute towards conscious consumption because if we all can enjoy doing a little in our small ways maybe in time the world can be better in bigger way.

1. Noomoo Oat Mylk Artisan 1L

  • More Naked Oats (11%)
  • Low Sodium Lake Salt
  • Improved Natural Sweetness
  • Increased Protein
  • Made Creamier Taste Mylkier
  • Designed for Artisanal Coffee

2. Noomoo Oat Mylk Barista 1L

  • Mongolian Naked Oats
  • High Oleic Canola Oil
  • Citrus Fiber
  • Perfectly Creamy for Hot & Cold Applications
  • Double Homogenised for Extra Smoothness
  • Gums Free

3. Noomoo Coconut Mylk Barista 1L

  • Real Coconut Juice
  • Dairy-Free Casein-Free
  • With Pea Protein
  • Great for all Applications
  • MCT


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