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Speciality Fod & Drink Asia 2023

SicPama Pte Ltd

  • SicPama Pte Ltd
  • SicPama Pte Ltd
  • SicPama Pte Ltd
SicPama Pte Ltd SicPama Pte Ltd SicPama Pte Ltd

SicPama transforms group payments with 4 versatile options: pay individually, split the bill, spin the wheel for one lucky payer, or cover everyone's meal. As the only ordering solution of its kind, SicPama gets rid of the need to ask, "What are you going to have?" Diners at the same table don't have to turn their heads to look at one small screen. They can effortlessly order together while viewing their friends' real-time orders on their phones, enhancing social interactions.

Thanks to our unique ordering and payment experience, we go beyond mere payment transactions, providing restaurants with valuable customer insights. Our order and payment as a group experience capture data on your dining companions and frequency of visits, even if you didn't make the payment. With this information, we help restaurants attract and retain repeat customers while identifying those who bring new patrons. SicPama empowers restaurants with the tools to optimize their customer base and drive growth.


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