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Speciality Fod & Drink Asia 2023

F&N Foods Pte Ltd

F&N Foods Pte Ltd Stand: E41
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  • F&N Foods Pte Ltd
  • F&N Foods Pte Ltd
F&N Foods Pte Ltd F&N Foods Pte Ltd F&N Foods Pte Ltd

Barista Milk by F&N Magnolia is an excellent frothing milk that has been specially formulated for baristas.

Barista Milk is flavourful, rich, and creamy, with a carefully balanced combination of the milk’s rich taste and luscious, creamy texture. This complements beans of various origins and roasts to create delicious, aromatic coffee by enhancing flavour notes. From classic cappuccinos to luscious lattes to rich café mochas, Barista Milk is the perfect companion for coffee.

Barista Milk also provides consistency and ease when it comes to foaming - get smooth, thick froth in every cup, every time. This provides your coffee drinkers with a dense, fluffy foam that complements their choice of coffee with a rich, creamy mouthfeel.

Barista Milk is also ideal for latte art – whether through free pouring or etching, Barista Milk is ideal for topping off each cup with beautiful latte art, giving that perfect finishing touch to a wonderful cup of coffee.

Brew the perfect cup of coffee with Barista Milk by F&N Magnolia, the barista’s choice for its flavour profile and foaming capabilities.



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