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Product Showcase

Speciality Fod & Drink Asia 2023

Craftwerkz Pte Ltd

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Craftwerkz Pte Ltd Craftwerkz Pte Ltd Craftwerkz Pte Ltd

1. With just 4 easy steps, create the ideal mooncake box that will resonate with your clients and target market, boosting your brand's image and awareness. Customize all aspects of your mooncake box, from the color, shape, design & finishing, and even pair accessories like cavity trays and specialized cutlery.

Alternatively, discover our ready stock collection that has all you need to complete your mooncake gifting experience! With many different variations of minimalistic mooncake boxes to choose from, pair your baked/snow skin mooncakes with cavity trays and cutlery made specially for mooncake dining. 2. Our food packaging products are designed to help brands and businesses not only create aesthetically pleasing food packaging that attracts customers, but to deliver the food packaging functionality that customers increasingly expect.

Expect nothing but the best from our food packaging with a wide range of functions such as Waterproof, Oil-proof, Anti-leakage, Microwaveable, High Temperature Resistance, Enhanced Durability and so much more!

3. Introducing Craftwerkz's exclusive Chinese New Year collection of ready stock products covering all your needs from orange carriers, red packet pouches, Chinese New Year themed paper bags and many more!

With over 10 years of experience in the red packet printing industry, rest assured that your customized red packets and accessories will exceed your expectations flawlessly. Be in control in every aspect of the customization process from the size, material, finishing, final packaging etc.

4 . Customise your own NETS Prepaid & Ezlink Cards with Craftwerkz!
Choose from our library of over 500+ in-house designs and personalise with wording of your choice. Alternatively, fully customise with your own design for your corporate gifting and events.


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